I am a faculty member in the Department of Biochemistry of the Duke University School of Medicine. Though my title is “Assistant Research Professor,” my main responsibility is in fact teaching: I am the course director for our main undergraduate introductory courses, which I teach each semester. I am interested in how we can best teach the ideas of biochemistry to new students, and my work outside the classroom is devoted to designing better presentations of biochemical concepts.

Duke undergraduates who are interested in learning more about our main introductory biochemistry course should check out the page on Biochem 301. Further Learning Opportunities outlines some of the options for students who have completed Biochem 301 and would like to take further classes or become involved in research in our department.

As an undergraduate, I did research on protein structure and enzymology, which led to a doctoral dissertation on improving nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) technologies for protein structure determination. Though I am no longer actively engaged in this research, more information—including links to key publications and to software source code—is available at my NMR page.

Recent News

Fall and Summer 2022 SAGE Applications Open

Applications for Fall 2022 Biochem SAGE Peer Facilitators Now Open The Biochemistry Department and the Academic Resource Center (ARC) are now accepting applications for SAGE peer facilitators for the Fall 2022 semester. Peer facilitators lead weekly small discussion groups with students in the class, reviewing course content, guiding students through problem-solving, and providing tips and […]

Biochem 301 SAGE Program Featured in Departmental News

The Biochemistry Department has a feature up on the departmental news page about the SAGE program in Biochem 301.

Fall SAGE Peer Facilitator Applications Are Open

If you’d like to apply to be a SAGE Peer Facilitator for Biochem 301 in the fall semester, the application form is now live! Please fill out this form by 16 July. We will review the applications after that date and invite candidates for Zoom interviews. We are expecting SAGE (as well as the Biochem […]

Peer Facilitators for Biochem 301 SAGE Summer 2021

The Biochemistry Department and the Academic Resource Center are looking to hire undergraduates who have recently completed Biochem 301 to serve as peer facilitators for SAGE small discussion groups during this summer’s course. The class will be offered during Term 1, beginning on 12th May and concluding on 21st Jun, and it will be fully […]

2021 Undergrad Summer Research Fellowships

The Biochemistry Department is now accepting applications from undergraduates for paid summer research fellowships. Please see the following announcement: 2021 BCH Undergrad Fellowship Announcement

FAQ: Synchronous vs. Asynchronous Enrollment in Biochem 301 Spring 2021

The terms synchronous and asynchronous might not have been very well known outside of computing circles until this last year, but they are now everywhere at Duke, borrowed into the coronavirus academic lexicon as descriptions for classes that meet online. The former refers to classes that meet interactively in real time; the latter to courses that are […]

Announcing a New Collaboration with ARC: SAGE for Biochem 301

One of the most exciting recent changes to Biochem 301 has been the addition of a program of optional small discussion groups, which are led by undergraduates who previously took the course. The first such experiment was last summer (Summer Term 2020), prompted in part by the urgent need to have some kind of discussion […]